Modern clear coats are particularly easy to damage and can soon look scratched and dull, leaving you wondering where the showroom shine has gone.  Simply using a poor washing technique can leave your prized possession covered in tiny scratches and swirl marks.  With recent advances in paint technologies, caring for your vehicle correctly can appear a complicated, time-consuming task, and tackling these problems yourself can be daunting.

PSOK detailing offers the ideal solution to ensure your vehicle receives the care it deserves. We use only the finest products available, including cutting edge Nano-Ceramic Paint and Glass Sealants and Exclusive Hand Blended Carnauba Waxes.  Every care is taken to ensure each step in the detailing process provides the highest level of respect for your vehicle’s surfaces.

Our detailing products are produced by Autoglym, which after many years working closely with us means reassurance in the ability to clean to perfection and endurance throughout the four season.

There are five comprehensive detailing treatments, perfected for prestige or performance vehicles.


This is our budget option and involves an exterior wash and the interior is vacuumed and wiped down.


Our bronze service is an exterior and interior clean plus, glass cleaned and once the vehicle is dry a wax is applied to protect the paint.


For those who want to get paint contaminant free and silky smooth. This package also includes a leather treatment plus a long lasting wax applied for a super glossy finish.


Our gold package offers the same silky smooth and mirror finish to the paint as the SILVER package but also includes a 1 stage paint correction to remove swirls. Black exterior trim is treated to bring back it’s original colour plus, interior and upholstery are shampooed. Also a long lasting wax is applied for a super glossy finish.


This is the ultimate package we offer. It encompasses all of the above packages plus a 2 stage paint correction, removing swirls and most scratches from the paint. This will result in the paint looking brand new and better than when it rolled out of the showroom.


PSOK, friendly professional service over with over 22 years experience, meet us and discuss your vehicle to obtain the perfect finish.